Take It Off: 7 Struggles Of Being A Nudist In A World Full Of Clothes


Great to read an article in a mainstream online media written by a nudist female sharing her experience of naked living. 7 Struggles of being a nudist in a world full of clothes explores what it is to be a nudist, part of that body freedom minority, in a clothed world, where people are generally not comfortable with nude bodies and associate nudity to sex.

The author, Gigi Engle, explains her daily struggles as a nudist. Written in a funny tone, this post details briefly seven of those struggles that may make non nudist scratch their heads. Here they are:

  1. You make people uncomfortable. It’s true that when nude with clothed people, you are not the one who is uncomfortable as you accept your body and generally others’ too. It’s those clothed people who are not sure how to behave with you. Give it a try! It’s funny, then when accepted, it’s just becoming the new norm. Beware not to shock people, especially kids, who may not be prepared to your nudity though!
  2. You’re confused by exercise. It’s true that if you exercise to get a good-looking body, allow everybody to look at it. However, I feel you may struggle with this one if you are exercising for looking good. In my case, I am exercising for feeling good, or better, in my own body. Looking good is a by-product of feeling good I think.
  3. You don’t own pajamas. I do not struggle with this one. Sleeping with any form of clothing on is pure nonsense.
  4. You’re always hot. Ah, ah, true that when the weather is warm, wearing anything makes you hotter. As soon as weather permits, get naked, of course!
  5. When you get drunk, the clothes come off. Get your clothes off without getting drunk, it’s much healthier. Furthermore, I feel you have more fun naked.
  6. You never feel like you’re being your true self. This is an obvious one for many naturists/nudists. You feel totally yourself when you have nothing to hide physically. It’s who you really are!
  7. People think you’re hypersexual. This is the one reason why people are booing nudists, mixing nudity and sexuality. Every naturist/nudist knows that being socially naked is not about being ready to have sex every minute. As the author rightly says: “Being naked and being sexual are two different things”.

There’s an eight struggle I have: “Non nudist rationally understands nudism but are not willing to try”. This is to me the biggest struggle I have. If you understand what makes a nudist and agree with all the good reasons, then why not giving it a try?

I would love to see your comments. In the meantime…

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. Read through some of Engle’s columns, and as far as I can tell, she appears to have a serious problem with alcohol, an exhibitionist streak (no pun intended), some serious mental health issues, and a strong hint of hypersexuality. There are probably worse examples one could use to make the case for nonsexual, healthy naturism, but you’d have to work at it.

  2. In truth a person should and must keep their clothing on when they are in public.
    Nudity or being nude does belong in ones own home whereby no one could even see a person nude.
    The same goes when one feel it is okay to have even their own children see them nude in the privacy of their own home.
    A woman should never ever even be nude whereby a child could even see them in the nude.
    Again nudity belongs behind close doors only and not in the view of the public.
    Thank You

    • We respect every point of view and yours is respectful, however, as naturist, we disagree with you. Every man and every woman should be allowed to go nude if they want, as nudity is a natural state.

      • Now I am not saying you would do this, but it is a question that should be asked in general.
        is it okay to even be nude when children are around or not? If not why? what about in public whereby even children can see someone nude? is that okay?
        I am very sure you can see my point here.
        I understand it is a right to be nude if one wants too, but where does the line get drawn and when or even where should a person be nude and who should they be nude in front of?
        I would like to hear from you and in truth hear your answer to the questions that was asked and to see just how you are or would even respond to those types of questions.
        Thank you very much for responding to me.
        Thank You

        • Thank you for your questions. Naturists think there’s no harm being nude with children around. You can read such an experience here. Now, there’s a difference between sex and nudity/nudism, and a very clear red line when it comes to kids. Naturism is accepted on defined beaches and other areas, and many believes non sexual nudity should be accepted everywhere. Nobody should be ashamed of his/her own body, and being naked should be seen as a natural possible “clothing” option. To end, it’s all about respect, and respect goes both ways: if somebody is not at ease with naked bodies, then the nudists should be OK to cover up, while having a respectful discussion, it goes with the kids of course. However, look at small kids, they are generally very at ease with their own nudity, it’s the reinforcement of their parents and society saying nudity is bad that creates the uneasiness in front of naked bodies. Hope this answers your very valid questions.

          • Thank you for your response to me and yes I will look at what you sent me.
            In some ways I like what you said
            In truth I am so very conservative when it comes to this issue.
            Okay in my life time I know for a fact that my parents did go to a nudist camp when I was a young child. So yes I saw nudism as a child. Note that yes I was a very very shy child growing up and I would shy away from other children in the nude that were my own age. Our family even was invited to go to a nude beach even when I was a child,
            Now when I was a teenager I had a friend and their family was not shy about being nude, and I did fear be in the nude myself so you can see what is on my mind at this time. In truth I just did not even want to be sexually active, for I just did not care to have any sex with anyone at all. so that is why I have ask you those questions. Note being nude is not a problem with me at all. The possibility of having sex in front of young children is the real problem for me.
            Now i even dated a person of the opposite gender that love nudism and did not mind being nude in front of children.
            Okay now that you now know that I have been around nudist throughout my life, but as you can see one has to be real careful around kids a lot.
            I have a friend that would like to see me go to a nudist camp and or beach or even a resort again. They know how I feel about kids and nudity.
            Here is one thing that I went through even as a child or a teen was nothing did happen to me at all when I was around nudist.
            Okay now should parents keep a good conversion with their children about nudism and be nude in front of others? here is why i ask the question would it helped me as a child or a teen being around nudist and nudism?
            Again thank you for your response and please respond to me again and yes I am looking at what you gave me and I will respond to that too. Thank you very much

          • Without any judgment, I think you are “overthinking” the whole thing. What I mean is you should follow more your feelings, what you feel deep inside rather than thinking too much about it (left brain thinks, right brain feels, and it seems you are more of a left brain person). On the kids, they should be free to get naked or not, as long as they are taught to see the naked body as something natural. Freedom and respect are key IMHO. Kids should not be forced to get naked if they are feeling better naked. While growing up, you can have a conversation with them to make them understand your choice of being naked and your respect of them embracing or not the nudist lifestyle. This will make them respect their own body more and help them have a more body positive approach, that is far away for the ideal that society and ads want to impose on us. Hope this helps.

          • As you saw I gave you my experience as a child just to printout that yes I had experienced being and see others nude in the area of nudism in nude camps and nude beaches. In truth nothing bad did happen to me at all, for in matter of fact my biggest concern is the way some people are today that happen to be around children and with nudity. Yes I do respect their right to claim they have the right to be nude. Even nude in front of Children, and most say they allow their children to be nude in front of them. Yet you can see my biggest concern is the safety of the child or children in some cases, for it does depend on the size of the family by the way.
            Thank You

          • I agree with you there’s a lot of confusion in many people’s mind, and our kids’ safety should be one of our top priorities. Thank you for this constructive dialogue.

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