5 ways to widen the circle of your #nudist friends


I’ve been thinking lately how to be nude more often? Of course, an easy answer is to undress as soon as it is possible. For instance, after a day at work, get naked as soon as you get home, or even as soon as you get into your car. You can of course spend your week-ends and your holidays in naturist places. This adds to your nude days. However, we are social animals and the best way to increase your nude time is to increase the number of your nudist friends. By having more nudist friends, you can organize nude week-ends at your place or theirs, you can have naked dinners or naked hiking. So after some brainstorming nude in my coach, here are 5 ideas I will implement to increase the number of my nudist friends and you can do the same too.

However, one word of advice. You cannot increase your nudist friends if you are not open about your nudism. You should come out of your closet and be open with friends and family. This may be hard at the beginning, but if you are a naturist, you know what naturism is, you know its many benefits and you know how you feel when you are nude. This is what you should be open and comfortable with. With this set, here are my ideas to increase the number of nudist friends:

  1. Have a “Clothing Optional” sign at your door. This is a simple thing to DIY or you will find dozens of internet sites that will make a sign for you. Get a nice one and hang it. It will inevitably be a wonderful ice breaker to start a conversation on nudism.
  2. Have a pile of naturist magazines on your coffee table. If you are a member of your local naturist federation, there’s a good chance you are a subscriber to their newsletter or magazine. Otherwise you can subscribe to some like Nude & Natural, the magazine of The Naturist Society, or The Australian Naturist magazine (TAN) if you’re down under. Instead of stashing them in your personal library. Put them on your coffee table. So next time you have friends having a beer or dinner at your home, this will definitely be a great ice-breaker.
  3. Have a business card size description of what naturism is and its benefits. If the conversation, when at friends’ or in a restaurant, go over holidays and naturism, take this little card from your wallet and give it to your friend. It could have on one side the definition of naturism, plus the address of your local club, and the benefits of being a naturist on the other side.
  4. Throw nude parties at home mixing naturists and non-naturists. If you already have some naturist friends, throw a nudist barbeque on a Saturday or Sunday, and invite some of your non-naturist friends. Tell them, it will be a fun day and when they arrive, tell them you have some nudist friends today and some guys may be nude. So if they feel getting nude too, they are welcome.
  5. When at friends’ place on week-ends, always ask if you can swim naked in their swimming pool or undress to help with the BBQ. This is the reverse of the previous idea. You’re invited to a BBQ, weather is beautfil, everybody’s in short or in swimsuit, tell you’re a nudist and ask if anybody is offenced if you get naked. If nobody is, wear your preferred suit. It may that others follow you!

As you can see, this is not rocket science but requires you are open about your nudism. It may happen that some of your friends may not stay your friends, as they will find nudity offending. But let me tell you that it’s probably not going to happen, because friends are friends. They may not be comfortable with you being nude with them being clothed and you may come to a decision to stay dressed if this friendship matters to you, but you will feel so much better. Share your ideas by commenting below. I will be looking forward to your own ideas as well.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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