Nudity is a complete natural and normal state


I woke up early to the rain this morning. Went to the kitchen, had a coffee and browsed the web for a while, enjoying various twitter and blog posts. Naked, sitting in my couch, watching the sun rise, I was fine, happy. I did not realize I was naked, this is my natural state all day (and night) long. I thought about the previous day. I have been naked the whole day, except when shopping for grocery as the store is located in the textile world. (My place is in the textile world but have been declared clothing optional, so no clothe needed to stay). I did some gardening, read a little while and did various activities all naked.

My garden is open so anybody can see me. On top of this, I have a walking path on one side of the garden, so walkers have a partial view of the garden, and potentially of who is there. The point is nudity is a complete normal state and should not be considered shameful. I am, like all my fellow naturists, very well in my skin, and not ashamed at all by staying naked in all circumstances. My neighbors, although textiles, know and accept my nudity. I have been clear that I am naked when the temperature allows it and as long as they are comfortable with it (which they are), I’ll stay naked when they come home (which they do frequently).

I feel a lot of nudists fear rejection or being labelled pervert if they share they are nudists. My experience shows that it’s almost never the case. Some people may not be comfortable with you nude and I understand this. Their education, religious beliefs, body acceptance, limit their behavior, and I may wear a light wrap to ensure they are comfortable (at the end of the day, nudity acceptance is a journey and I think we should sometimes make some compromise). But as I said, it’s a minority. A UPS delivery man came end of last week, I was naked, greeted him naked, signed the receipt and that was it. I asked him before fully opening the door if that was a problem to him if I was naked. As he said no, that was the end of it. Same with many people who come home.

To come back to the title of this post, nudity is a natural state. Shame of nudity is a learned behavior. Nudity equals sex is a taught equation, and for many religions, sex is bad, therefore nudity is bad. I believe sex is good, and nudity is good too, although nudity and sex are two different things. We need to deconstruct those beliefs, but it’s worth it, because nudism is just a wonderful natural state. When you start being nude at home, at the beach, or in nature, you do not think any more about it. You are just who you are, naked.

Becoming a full time nudist in a textile world requires time. It’s a journey. One full of questions, doubt and efforts. You will experience rejections, questions, and frowns. You will experience freedom, true love and happiness. Do not fear other’s reaction. As I said, most will accept, some will smile and a minority will reject. Not all will share, but more and more you will meet like-minded people and will be able to experience shared social nudism. You will also become more sensitive to nature and your environment. This is when you move from nudism to naturism. Embark on the beautiful boat of nudism and be the freedom guide you!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash


  1. […] Nudity is a perfect natural state. Not only it’s natural, it’s comfortable. Our birthday suit was made sur-mesure! The more time you spend naked, the more it becomes the best clothing choice. Of course, it’s not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It’s not about refusing the benefits of our modern society. It’s about keeping what’s good for us and nature, and deliberately refusing what’s bad for nature and in the end bad for us. […]

  2. A very well written article! Only reason why some don’t understand nudism or naturism is simply because they’ve never tried it themselves. If more people really give it a try, clothes-free living is sure to become better accepted, that’s one reason I’m glad you wrote this article, to get that word out and letting people how normal it really is and so positively!

    • Thank you. I agree totally with you. However, some conditionning is so strong, some will never try or go beyond the fact that nudity is normal and natural.

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