10 questions and answers for the aspiring #nudist


I do remember the first time, as a kid, I went to a naturist beach. I do not remember all the questions that went through my mind at that time, because there may not have been any, nudity felt normal, as everybody, as far as I can remember, was nude. However, some years later, having grown up and gone through diverse nude and textile experiences, I asked myself some questions on nudism and naturism, to which I found answers by searching and experiencing myself. I think they can be useful if you think about going to a naturist resort or beach, or going for a naked hike, or just staying at your place, but stripping down. Here we go:

  1. Am I a pervert if I feel good naked?
    Definitely no! There are million naturists in the whole world and by definition they are not perverts. There may be perverts among naturists, like they are among textile, I guess. But feeling good naked is just an appreciation of your own body and its nakedness. Being naked is natural, getting clothed while it’s rationally more comfortable to be nude is a taught behavior. Sexuality and nudity have been linked by society and religions. They are not linked at all. So, feel good, you are probably not a pervert, but an aspiring nudist who has just discovered that nudity is an awesome feeling.
  2. Will I get aroused if I see people naked all around me?
    May be, but probably not! Actually, as said previously, sexuality and nudity are two separate topics. I can have a sexual behavior while clothed. People tend to find a half clothed body carrying a more sexual message than completely naked one. My experience has shown however, that states of arousal happen, generally unconsciously. Nothing to be ashamed of, just carry on your activities or lay down on your towel until it ends.
  3. What if I meet somebody I know personally or professionally?
    Well, this is great news actually. You have a new nudist acquaintance! You are both nude, sharing time in your preferred clothing. If this person has been a nudist for a long time, he or she can mentor you. You should be open to the fact you are a newbie, your mentor can speed up your apprenticeship. Nudism is not something you should be ashamed about but proud of. Having nudist friends is the best thing that can happen to you, as this means you can carry more nudist activities that you may originally thought of.
  4. People will look at me as I do not have a perfect body, won’t they?
    Society is putting pressure on people to have a perfect body. Fashion has defined current body perfection and images are flooding the media. The most important thing is that you feel good in your body, there are as many different bodies as there are human beings. Body shame starts in the mind. Naturists are mostly open-minded people that do not look at people’s body but people’s heart. It may sound cliché, but you’ll discover it’s true. At most nudist resorts, you will find all sort of bodies of all shapes and ages. Being comfortable in your own body is the most important thing.
  5. What if I get sunburned and I need to wear protection clothes?
    Stupidity and nudity share only “dity”. When you are sunburned, protect your skin. It has happened to everybody, even when using sunscreen, to get a portion of the body that has been forgotten. Apply judgment and cover yourself. No clothing optional resort will judge you if you cover your sunburned body. The same applies if the weather gets chilly. Some will stay naked because they do not feel the cold (I am one of those crazy nudists), while others will get warm by wearing some clothing.
  6. My spouse is not comfortable naked, should I still go and get naked?
    This is a sensitive topic and a very personal one. It’s still common to have one spouse embracing nudism while the other does not feel it. You should discuss this and find a compromise. I wrote a blog post on respect, that is a two-way street. I believe love is grounded on respect for the other. You may compromise by finding a place where you can be naked while your loved half will be clothed (and may come slowly to nudism), or spend half or your holidays in a clothing-optional place and the other half in a textile environment. From my experience, it’s a matter of dialogue and respect. Nothing’s impossible!
  7. Will my kids be shocked seeing all those people naked?
    Your kid are learning from you. If they have never been exposed to nudity, this may start some giggles at the beginning. The one advice is they should not stare at people. You should take time to explain nudity is normal and natural, that you are going to encounter naked people and nudity should not be laughed at. I believe teaching normal nudity to your kids is a gift as they will be less prone to suffer body shame. Teenagers are a little trickier, as they may not want to get naked. This is normal as their body is changing and they are not comfortable. Most resorts and beaches have special etiquette for teenagers, although swimming pools are generally naked only. It will teach that they should not be ashamed of their body, even if it changes. More in this post.
  8. What if my friends and family discover I am a nudist?
    What are you afraid of? That they call you a pervert? Get some articles on social nudism to explain what it is, that it is normal and healthy, not illegal and has nothing to do with sex. As defined by the International Naturist Federation, “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment”. The website of the INF, the AANR, the Naturist Society, the FFN, or any other naturist federation are full of very good advice on how to explain naturism to non-naturist.
  9. I do not know anybody at the local nudist resort, should I still go?
    This is a great reason to go! Nudists are friendly and there are huge chances you will make new friends quickly that will share your appreciation of nudity.
  10. Is naturism allowed by religion?
    I am not an expert in religious matter, but respect being one of the values in religion, I cannot understand why religion would forbid naturism. That said, it’s a very personal matter and if your religion asks you to dress a special way, it’s your choice. The Young Naturists America have a full page with links to various articles on nudity and religions that I encourage you to read if this topic is an important one for you.

There may be other questions that pop into your mind. If so, do not hesitate to ask them into the comment section of this post and I (or other naturist/nudist readers of this blog) will do my best to answer them. I want to leave you with one thought: nudism/naturism is a healthy (body and mind) and normal state. There’s nothing wrong about it. Society has perverted the human body along the age, and transformed a shameless state into a shameful one. The best advice I can give you is to get naked, tell the world how awesome being socially naked is, and enjoy your life a nudist. Nothing comes “clothe” to being socially nude.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. Great Blog and excellent advice for all those new to naturism. I myself have my first social skinny dip today. Meeting new people who appreciate being clothes free is sure to be fun.

  2. What a great article with in-depth questions and answers. Well done I love this and will be share it with my naturalist friends at my club.

  3. I went to a nude event when I became a nudist and I unexpectedly met a neighbor of mine we had never seen each other nude before it’s great

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    The photo of the swimming pools accompanying this post looks great. Do you know where this is and is there a authentic Web site for holidays to. cater for nudists
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