My ideal walk….

By Christopher Jeremiah

…would be as pure and innocent as the day I was born, for I would be wearing only what I was born with, nothing more.

That’s right, no artificial guards or facades that mask my true masculinity. I am one with nature since I am natural and comfortable in my own skin. My authentic genuine self would shine through my outer shell. I am very honored to possess it, and my confidence would exude displaying why I am so dignified in my stride. I would tastefully walk proudly along the immense coastline of Hawaii, perhaps during sunset at dusk.

It would walk proudly as I have nothing to be ashamed of and I would tastefully display my body without a mere sexual thought even slightly crossing my mind. There may be mountains nearby and a waterfall off in the distance. The leaves would be gently rustling and the birds would be chirping a few notes, as I listen to their melody.

Perhaps there would be tropical drinks available for me to quench my thirst. As I draw my walk to a close, there would be lounge chairs for my fatigued body to relax and replenish itself. As I look in the distance I would be elated to observe others who are “open and free” with themselves and wish to partake in the exhilaration & liberation of tasteful nudity. Then to wind down a perfect day, one of the individuals asks me what I am drinking, while I sip my drink and tell them its an extremely exquisite mojito.

As I converse with the 3 people who are now in my midst, I find that I have enough in common with one of them, that it only intrigues me further as I inquire more about them.

As Time moves forward it is with pure bliss that one of them becomes my soul mate.



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True "Buff-man" living on the west coast transplanted from the east coast in New York. Was reborn nude on July 8th, 2018, and composing persuasive essays ever since. I am passionate about exposing the world to the numerous benefits of nudism and convincing everyone to at least try it once. Their lives could change for the better as mine did on the date of my transformation. I still have a very long arduous journey ahead of me, every step I take. I have experienced only 1 nude beach so far, and I plan to sail the seas on an all-nude cruise as soon as possible. I have been writing for your enjoyment as well as therapy for me. I am trying to share the love of the lifestyle. I love getting comments on my writing so that I know you are reading my work and can improve my writing so that more of you will want to partake what I compose. I totally enjoy the freedom and openness of being nude, or as I say, "open and free"

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